Zoning Contact the Zoning administrator Phone: 231-689-1194Email: zoning@cityofwhitecloud.org Commonly Requested Ordinances Alcohol in City Parks Ordinance Animal Ordinance Curfew Ordinance Nuisance Ordinance Peddlers & Solicitors Ordinance Smoking & Vaping Ordinance […]

City Treasurer

City Treasurer Meet the City Treasurer April Storms Phone: 231.689.1194Email: treasurer@cityofwhitecloud.org  April Storms serves as City Treasurer for the City of White Cloud. April was born and raised in the […]

Taxes and Assessing

Taxes and Assessing Contact the Assessor Michael Beach Phone: 866-921-9293Email: beach@michiganassessor.com Forms Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit Disabled Vet Application Poverty Exemption Petition to Board of Review

Police Department

Police Department Meet the Police Chief Dan Evans Phone: 231.689.1696Email: evans@cityofwhitecloud.org Daniel Evans began his tenure as Police Chief in December of 2016. With many years of law enforcement experience, […]

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works Meet the Department of Public Works Supervisor Don Barnhard Phone: 231.689.1194 Email: dpw@cityofwhitecloud.org Donald Barnhard, known as “Barney” serves as the city’s Department of Public Works Supervisor. […]

City Manager

City Manager Meet the City Manager Yvonne Ridge Phone: 231.689.1194Email: citymanager@cityofwhitecloud.org Yvonne became City Manager of White Cloud in July 2020. As City Manager, Yvonne oversees all City departments and […]

City Clerk

City Clerk Meet the City Clerk Kelli Arnold Phone: 231.689.1194Email: clerk@cityofwhitecloud.org Kelli has an education in Business Administration from Baker College and over 20 years in the Private and Public […]