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White Cloud Campground Connector Trail

WC County Park Connector Trail

The Campground Connector Trail is a 4.3-mile loop that provides a connection for local hikers from the campground through Forest Service lands where it connects with the North Country Trail. The connector returns to the campground, providing a route for hikers on the North Country Trail to access the campgrounds for overnight camping or longer stays so they can use the amenities or enjoy the easy walk to the local restaurants and businesses.


The North Country National Scenic Trail

The North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the National Trails System, stretching 4,600 miles across eight states from North Dakota to Vermont. The Trail traverses through more than 160 federal, state and local public lands, including 10 National Forests, four areas of the National Park Service, and over 100 state parks, forests and game areas.

White Cloud is located about an hour’s drive north of Grand Rapids, and serves as a base for enjoying the NCT in Newaygo County and the lower Huron-Manistee Forest. White Cloud is about midpoint on the entire NCT, and was the location of the original headquarters for the NCT. In addition to a trailhead in the City of White Cloud, the NCT has access in nearby Everett, Sherman and Lincoln Townships. 

Motorized Vehicle Trails

Snowmobile: LP 3 Trail

Parking LP3 1

Unimproved Trail West of the End of Ferris Ave

Parking LP3
Located adjacent to the Newaygo County Sport Park in Everett Twp., this staging area is located on the west side of Evergreen Drive, north of intersection with Lake Shore Blvd.

M-20 to Big-O MCCCT
Whiter Cloud Loop Trail
This 16 Mile ORV tail loop is accessed from W. 1 Mile Road, located west of the limits. The ORV portion of the trail loops just north of 6 Mile Rd. The motorcycle trail can be taken further north to Baldwin or Branch Twp.

ORV White Cloud County Park to Diamond Lake County Park